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Families of Parishes Gatherings

A series of three Family Gatherings will provide the lay faithful a better understanding of their role in a Family of Parishes.

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You are invited to meet your new family!

Beginning this Spring, you and your parish are invited to attend a series of Family Gatherings, an opportunity to learn more about our transition to Families of Parishes.

Each one of us is called to go and make disciples, to share the Good News. That’s what’s behind our move to Families of Parishes. We want each one of our Families to be places where people can encounter Jesus anew, grow in faith as disciples, and be equipped to be his witnesses.

For Wave 1 Families (see if your parish is one of them), the first gathering, Encounter, will be an opportunity for parishioners from all parishes in the Family to get to know one another and to encounter Jesus through new relationships as brothers and sisters.

The second, Grow, will aim to deepen those new, faith-founded relationships and begin to grow together as disciples.

The final Family Gathering, Witness, will encourage Family members to celebrate together as a Family, receiving the grace that comes with confidently bearing witness to the Gospel.

Contact your parish directly for more information regarding location and logistics of these gatherings.

If your parish is in Wave 2 (see list of Waves and Groupings), you are still welcome to sign up, and you will receive a notification once a date is set for your parish.

There must be no bystanders in our mission! We also hope you will encourage your fellow parishioners to sign up. We hope to see you this this Spring and Summer as we learn, pray, and recommit ourselves to becoming joyful missionary disciples.